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A compelling solution for startups and growth companies, Alterna Legal connects you to attorneys who can help your company launch, grow, and scale effectively. From getting initial documentation in place to providing ongoing legal support, companies get all the benefits of an in-house General Counsel, but as needed, on-demand.

Special Projects

We provide top talent where you need it, when you need it. Our experienced attorneys provide bench depth without adding to your permanent payroll, 

whether covering a leave of absence or different time zones.

Flexible Staffing

You are now an expert. Alterna's breadth of talent and experience enables you to tackle any project. Our people help you conduct: due diligence, prepare for trial, create a data privacy policy, implement a document retention policy, or negotiate a lease.


We support global litigation and discovery strategies. Our translators and interpreters are vetted, experienced, and respected in the industry. They provide accurate and cost-effective document review, translation, and deposition support.

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